Work in Progress: The Piano Player

Right now I'm working on my MFA at OCADu, and one of the projects that is in progress is this, The Piano Player. The plan for the project is to take an electric chord organ, de-electrify it, and instead power it using a large scale industrial-size balloon... Why? To take... Read The Rest »

The Mansfield Reporter

The Mansfield Reporter is a simple device which can generate new text from some of history's greatest authors. By pressing the red button, you will be shown a new passage from either Friedrich Nietzsche, William Shakespeare, or Gertrude Stein. Or, press the black button to combine all of the authors... Read The Rest »

The Continued Connection Device

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Here is a fun little invention, created so that you can acknowledge a strong connection between yourself and an other individual. The internals of the device are pretty simple: a high intensity LED, is powered by a small battery, and activated with... Read The Rest »

The Past Viewer, and Other Projections

The Past Viewer is a small installation for 8mm film projection. It originally included a Brownie projector shooting its image onto a mirror, reflecting back to a piece of frosted mylar. The image above shows its first configuration, where the projection surface was installed into a modified radio/portable tv... Read The Rest »