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The Automatic Affirmation Device

This device is a personal confidence booster, that is never wrong. Will today be a good day? Was college the right choice? With this device in hand, the answer is always YES. Obviously, this invention represents the peak of self-help electronics.

In anticipation of my exhibition at the VERSO gallery, I took to refining one of my favorite inventions: The Automatic Affirmation Device.

This is what it looks like mid-way through a build:

Mainly, the project involves some 3D printed parts, and a plastic enclousure which houses some simple electronics. But, once the whole thing is put together, it is alot of fun.

Is this the best idea I have ever had?

Max Lupo

Max Lupo

Max Lupo is an artist who works hard (not really) to bring the most exotic and fascinating inventions to life. Tell him what you think by emailing art(at)maxlupo.com.

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The Automatic Affirmation Device
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