Work in Progress: The Piano Player

Right now I'm working on my MFA at OCADu, and one of the projects that is in progress is this, The Piano Player. The plan for the project is to take an electric chord organ, de-electrify it, and instead power it using a large scale industrial-size balloon... Why? To take... Read The Rest »

My SX-70

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In mid 2012, I became somewhat fascinated with the Polaroid SX-70. The camera is a folding SLR, and when released in 1972, it was Polaroid's first integral film camera. My first exposrure to the SX-70 was the video embedded below, in which... Read The Rest »

People and Objects

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Last October I had the good fortune of showing my work and doing a few performances with my exhibtion, Objects of Note. The net result of this was alot of people had a chance to see, and use the art work. *This... Read The Rest »


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YOU can make a JUNK ā€“ O ā€“ TYPE out of any scrap paper that is needlessly resting in your pocket. Elevate your paper pocket junk to fine-art status by creating your very own limited edition print. Excess paper junk can accumulate on your... Read The Rest »