The Past Viewer, and Other Projections

The Past Viewer is a small installation for 8mm film projection. It originally included a Brownie projector shooting its image onto a mirror, reflecting back to a piece of frosted mylar. The image above shows its first configuration, where the projection surface was installed into a modified radio/portable tv... Read More »

The Automatic Affirmation Device

In anticipation of my exhibition at the VERSO gallery, I took to refining one of my favorite inventions: The Automatic Affirmation Device. This device is a personal confidence booster, that is never wrong. Will today be a good day? Was college the right choice? With this device in hand, the... Read More »

My SX-70

In mid 2012, I became somewhat fascinated with the Polaroid SX-70. The camera is a folding SLR, and when released in 1972, it was Polaroid's first integral film camera. My first exposrure to the SX-70 was the video embedded below, in which it just seems so marvelous. Then, there is... Read More »

Objects of Note @ VERSO

Opening at VERSO on April 5th, is the exhibition of some brand new Objects of Note. The exhibition will include refined versions of my very favourite inventions, along with a set of my performances. Opening Reception: Saturday April 5th, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, 2014 VERSO 1160 Queen Street... Read More »

The Dial Me a Story Phone

The Dial Me a Story Phone is a little invention to help bring a little story into your ear. The body is a classic Northern Telecom wall-phone, but the guts have had a bit of an upgrade. The guts are powered by an Arduino, and the adafruit Wave Shield. The... Read More »