The Thermal Printer Doorbell

Doorbells are boring. Everyone deserves a doorbell which introduces them to their visitor in an inviting way.

This is the Thermal Printing Doorbell. It plays a little melody, then leaves you a delightful, or passive-aggressive message. The truth is, answering the door is alternatively annoying or terrifying. The people that you would actually like to see most likely do not ring the doorbell anyway, and so the person at your door is more likely a Salesman, Witness, or some other annoying interjection into your day.

This is why you need the Thermal Printer Doorbell. To make answering the door a more delightful experience.

With a look that says, “Go ahead, answer the door, it’s going to be alright”

On the inside.

This project uses an Arduino, and a small thermal printer from adafruit. In putting this together I was also greatly helped by this bildr tutorial. Also, I designed and 3D printed the enclosure, which holds everything together. Please, take a look at the design files on thingiverse. If you like, this link, includes all sources and schematics so that you can make your own. If there is interest, I can put together some build instructions. Note that for the Arduino Sketch you will adafruit’s Thermal library. Now the only thing that is left to do is 3D print a little eclosure for the ringer-button-thing!


You can view the larger versions here.

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